4Wall Orlando Volunteers for Toys for Tots

By Drew Quinones | Inside 4Wall
Dec 20, 2022, updated Apr 16, 2024
 4Wall Orlando Volunteers for Toys for Tots

4Wall Orlando wanted to give back to their community this holiday season by volunteering for Toys for Tots.

When they heard the program, run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, needed volunteers, they immediately organized a skeleton crew to help with the efforts.

The team helped bag toys that were delivered to over 17,000 families in the Central Florida area.

"It was an absolute pleasure to volunteer alongside my 4Wall colleagues," said 4Wall Orlando Operations Manager Ami-Jo Mazur.

"It was a fantastic team-building experience, and it felt so good to give back."

To learn more about Toys for Tots and how you can donate, visit https://toysfortots.org/


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