4Wall Sunday Roundtable: Ep. 33 | Couples Special

By Skylar Smith | Roundtable Discussions
Feb 14, 2021, updated Jul 13, 2021
 4Wall Sunday Roundtable: Ep. 33 | Couples Special

Episode 33 | Couples Special

It's the 4Wall Sunday Roundtable Valentine's Day Special. Episode 33 welcomes couples who work in entertainment production. Join us to talk about what they do, how they met, what it's like to work together, and how they maintain their relationships, before, during, and after the pandemic. 

  • Kate Freer - Multimedia Artist
  • Ty Defoe - Writer/Interdisciplinary Artist
  • Marci Skolnick - Stage Manager/Show Caller
  • Natalie Robin - Lighting Designer/Professor
  • Philip Rosenberg - Lighting Designer
  • Isaac Hurwitz - Producer
  • Special appearance by the hosts better halves: Stephanie Verba-Quinones and Kate Wetherhead

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