4Wall Sunday Roundtable: Ep. 32 | Lighting Designers

By Skylar Smith | Roundtable Discussions
Jan 31, 2021, updated Jul 13, 2021
 4Wall Sunday Roundtable: Ep. 32 | Lighting Designers

Episode 32 | Lighting Designers

Episode 32 of the 4Wall Roundtable features Emmy Award-Winning LD Allen Branton, Tony Award-Winning LD Brian MacDevitt, Amith Chandrashaker, & Emily Bornt. This group of lighting designers from Broadway, worldwide tours, dance, events, concerts, and television will be discussing their influences, design process, what excites them about what they do, thoughts about the industry in 2021, and more!

  • Emily Bornt - Lighting Designer/Lighting Director
  • Allen Branton - Emmy Award Winning Lighting Designer
  • Amith Chandrashaker - Lighting Designer
  • Brian MacDevitt - Tony Award Winning Lighting Designer

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