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Light Humor: Episode 6 | The Load-In

After being out of the touring game for years and enjoying his retired life, Jerry gets a call from his old pal Max to join his crew. Jerry quickly realizes a lot has changed since he was on the road. Will his years of experience allow him to jump back in or will he be overwhelmed by the new technology of modern roadie life? Find out on this Light Humor episode, ‘The Load-In.’

Light Humor Episode 6 stars Chris Barron, Farah Alvin, & Jonny "Tosar" Tosarello.

4Wall Entertainment dedicated this episode to the memory of Richard “Nook” Schoenfeld.

Written by: Cory Pattak
Animated by: Skylar Smith
Graphics by: Aaron Cannon
Executive Producers: Jeff Croiter, Drew Quinones, & Cory Pattak
Cast: Chris Barron, Farah Alvin, Jonny "Tosar" Tosarello, & Hector Martinez

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