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Demo: Vari-Lite VL500D 120V Standard

The VL500D is designed with natural convection cooled lamps, and internally cooled electronics which utilize low velocity, low noise micro-fans. Two on-demand fans are mounted internally in the yoke arms and activate only in extreme conditions where ambient temperature exceeds 41degrees C, or if the fixture is mounted in a horizontal position. User override is possible through the unit's menu display.

Color System: DICHRO*TUNE radial color mixing
Dimmer Strobe: IGBT dimmer
Beam: Six front lens option and variable diffusion
Pan/Tilt: 540 degree / 270 degree
Lamp Source: 1200W Tungsten
Color Temp: 3200K
Output Lumens: 6,010
Current Draw: 14 Amps
DMX Channels: 8-13
Weight: 48 lbs.