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Demo: Martin MAC Viper Profile

The MAC Viper Profile is a new breed of high-output profile luminaire. Its 1000-watt HID source is convincingly brighter than 1200-watt fixtures and the MAC Viper Profile also outperforms them in terms of speed and compactness. Power consumption is lower and output is approximately 55% more efficient.

  • 26000 lumens - Excellent light quality with a very flat and uniform field
  • 1:4 zoom Fast zoom with auto-linked focus
  • Fat beam front lens - The 140 mm front lens exceeds the size of any other fixture in this segment for just the right fat beam look
  • 5 + 5 rotating gobos - All glass gobos with optimal focal separation for superior morphing effects
  • FX wheel - Patent-pending FX wheel provides an additional 4 fixed gobos and 135 animation effect
  • CMY Vibrant color mixing with a superior palette of colors including true reds, rich ambers, primary green and deep blues
  • Dimmer and shutter - Combined dimmer/shutter system with intensity effects, instant blackout/open and smooth fades
  • Strobe Diverse strobe effects using mechanical or electronic control or in combination

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