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Demo: High End Showgun

SHOWGUN provides entertainment lighting design possibilities in three dimensions: first, in the air with high-energy focused or soft edge beams; second, with images projected on the stage surface, and third, at the SHOWGUN fixture itself by using an innovative LED Tracking System.


Proprietary Short Arc Lamp and optics produce exceptional light output
Variable soft-edge
fully rotating, indexable lithos
Variable iris
Variable strobe, Electronic strobe
Light Burst lamp boosting
Zoom range from 9Deg-- 18Deg
Remote focus
Full optical dimming and fade to black
Innovative LED Tracking Ring produces over 5000 lumens of RGB color. Homogenously mixed RGB LED circular array eliminates the multiple colored RGB look when white or mixed colors are produced.
Smooth CMY color mixing provides and infinite palette of color
Four indexing Litho/Gobo rotators
Black Light projection filter
TriColor effect supports independent color flag control
Tracking and Independent modes selectable via DMX
Optical encoders automatically correct the head's position if manually moved

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