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Demo: EAW Speaker

4Wall Systems & Design hosted a demo for worldwide audio manufacturer EAW. Speakers at work in this vid include:


EAW- QX-596 Three Full-Range Way Loudspeaker 90 degree x 60 degree (on top from ceiling) ideal for House of Worship, Stadiums

Left to Right--

EAW-KF394 Line Array Module/ 3-Way Loudspeaker
EAW JF-59 Compact Full-Range Loudspeaker
EAW NTS-250 Large Format Flyable Subwoofer
EAW-JF10 Compact Full-Range Loudspeaker
EAW-JF-8 Compact Full-Range Loudspeaker
EAW JF 50NT Compact Full-Range Loudspeaker
EAW KF-394NT Line Array Module
EAW DX-1208 DSP- Matrix Mixer

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