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Demo: Clay Paky Mythos

Request a Rental Quote for these here: Mythos is a highly advanced form of hybrid light: first of all, it is an excellent 470 watt-lamp spotlight, which produces an outstanding large light beam, featuring a zoom that ranges from 4° to 50° (1:12 ratio). The zoom is optimized for focusing, which is separate from that of the fixed and rotating gobos. 


  • 470W, 7800K discharge lamp
  • Large 170mm diameter front lens
  • Electronic focusing for a perfectly sharp light beam along its entire lenght
  • 4- 50 electronic zoom (Spotlight mode)
  • 0.5 aperture and “pipe effect (Beam mode)
  • CMY color mixing with gradually fading color wheels
  • 11 special color filters on three wheel
  • 2 CTO filters (3200 K and 2500 K) + 1 CTB filter
  • Wheel with 6 HQ dichroic rotating gobos
  • Wheel with 18+1 fixed metal gobos
  • 6 beam reducer filters on the gobo wheel
  • Advanced visual effect disc (animation disc)
  • 2 indexable rotating prisms (8-facet and linear 4-facet prism)
  • Frost filter for soft-edge projection
  • High precision dimmer and stop-strobe effect
  • Rapid and extensive pan and tilt movements