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Demo: Chroma-Q Color Force

Chroma-Q Color Force Series: 72", 48", and 12". These were shot at 4Wall Entertainment and are available for rentals or sales. The Chroma-Q Color Force LED Batten is a brute of a light. The super bright RGBA fixtures easily washes up to 8 m (26 ft.). In addition, advanced ColorSure RGBA color and control management technologies combine to give a radically increased color palette, enhanced color consistency, and theatrical grade dimming, all in the same fixture.


  • High CRI of 92
  • Theatrical grade dimming
  • Extremely smooth, uniform wash
  • Massive output across the spectrum
  • Radically increased RGBA colour palette
  • Super bright fixture, easily washes up to 8m / 26 foot
  • Saturate and pastel colours available from a single fixture
  • Stand-alone Master and Slave modes create additional usage possibilities
  • Mains power and DMX in at one end and out at the other for simple cable management
  • Hidden quick release fixings for fast deployment
  • Minimal distance between fixtures for seamless wall washing
  • Built-in power supplies
  • Rugged yet lightweight extruded aluminum body

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