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One Republic Tour Rig Features Gear from 4Wall Nashville

By on Sep 30, 2013
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One Republic recently hit the road for a summer tour in support of their latest release, Native.  Acclaimed LD Chris Lisle provided the design for the unique rig, which features lighting from 4Wall Nashville.

Playing off of a featured center video screen featuring a diamond shape, Lisle worked with Tour Manager Mark Oglesby and One Republic bass player Brent Kutzle to incorporate mobile diamond-shaped truss pods into the design.  The truss pods feature Jarag fixtures routed through a media server to deliver big picture effects.  Clay Paky Sharpies and Martin MAC 101s also adorn the pods, which as a whole allow for movement and rotation.

"The Sharpies are without a doubt used to punch through everything else to give us the big beam looks that we are going for, and the MAC 101s do a great job of adding some nice flash to the show," said Lisle. "Our programmer Scott Chmielewski did a phenomenal job of getting the most out of our fixtures."

The diamond pods and the overall theme of the design did not come about by chance.  In addition to teaming with the band members themselves, Lisle relied on his own feelings about One Republic to guide the creative process.

"I was already a big fan of the band's music, so as I was designing this system I had definite ideas of what I wanted to accomplish," he stated.

Facing challenges typical of any tour, such as truck space, manpower and budget, Lisle also needed to provide a design that was adaptable- as the tour was scheduled to visit venues of many shapes and sizes.   As such, he designed a rig with options that were ready to accommodate various rigging, weight, and stage space scenarios. 

When it came to fixture choices, Lisle worked with tour LD Erik Parker to select fixtures that would maximize creativity while meeting the needs of the band itself.

"For front light I chose the VL2500 Wash, as the band does not like that angle to be too intense.  We lined the rear and side trusses that frame the stage with alternating VL3000 Spots and MAC Auras that provided gobo effects and base color for the stage, respectively."

With the design created, it was up to 4Wall Nashville to fill the gear and provide support for pre-rig, rehearsals, and the tour itself.  Lisle was not disappointed in the support.

"4Wall Nashville did a fantastic job of getting this system together for us and supporting us through the whole process.  We went through two weeks of intense programming and rehearsals and did not lose a single light!  Their methods for equipment maintenance and cleaning are outstanding, and it shows.  Overall, using 4Wall was a fantastic experience."

Selected Gear List, One Republic Summer Tour
8             Chroma-Q Color Force 72 LEDs
18           Color Kinetics iColor Accent Powercore LEDs
35           Jarag 5 / Par 30
22           Martin MAC 101 Wash LEDs
9             Martin MAC Aura Wash LEDs
8             Vari*Lite VL2500 Wash
18           Vari*Lite VL3000 Spot
20           Clay Paky Sharpy
4             CM 1/2 Ton Hoists
42           CM 1 Ton Hoists
150         Tyler GT Truss
100         Tomcat 12” Box Truss
240         Tomcat 20” Box Truss

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