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Nintendo Steals the Show at E3 2016 with Lightswitch and 4Wall

By Drew Quinones on Aug 21, 2016
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Nintendo's concept for their 20,000 square ft. Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) booth was to immerse gamers into the open world of the Kingdom of Hyrule, the setting for its highly anticipated game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Lighting and visual design studio, Lightswitch, and Ralph Miller Productions turned to 4Wall for their extensive gear package.

Lightswitch has designed Nintendo's E3 exhibit since the inception of the trade show. This year's themed environment was definitely not the ordinary gaming booth people are accustomed to seeing at E3.

Lighting Designer Chris Medvitz along with his team from Lightswitch approached the exhibit more like a theme park than a traditional exhibit space. "There were smaller ancillary areas that were also themed like the theatre and studio, but the entire project was a little different this time around," said Medvitz.

Just like a theme park, Nintendo's exhibit was meant to be experienced. Everything was designed to scale so visitors could see these objects and characters from the perspective of the main character of the game, Link.

Inside the booth the attendees were able to roam in a grass meadow filled with over 140 flat screen TVs where they had a chance to demo the upcoming Wii U game. Medvitz illuminated the interior scenic background with MAC Quantum Wash and MAC Aura fixtures provided from 4Wall LA.

"We used Chauvet COLORado 1 Solo fixtures and Chroma-Q Color Force fixtures to integrate into and around the scenic and prop elements," explained Medvitz.

The LD utilized Martin MAC Viper Performance fixtures to highlight and animate specific features inside the exhibit like the billowing clouds, shimmering water, flowing lava, flying birds and lighting bolts.

"A combination of Color Force, Viper and Mega Lite Indi Par fixtures were used to light the exterior facade in static white light," said the LD.

A broadcast studio was setup on the exterior of the booth where Nintendo held live interviews with video game developers and various industry personnel.

Arri SkyPanels were used for keylight as well as a combination of Auras, MAC Quantum Profiles, and COLORado Solo fixtures for color accents.

"I was proud of the way we were able to achieve pretty thorough immersive environments in a trade show setting," said Medvitz. "The clients and the audience were both very vocal about how impressive and effective this was. Thanks to 4Wall for providing us with the gear needed to achieve this one of a kind exhibit."

Selected Gear List E3 2016

138 MAC Aura Wash LED

54 MAC Quantum Profile LED

39 MAC Quantum Wash LED

67 MAC Viper Performance

14 Martin Atomic 3000 DMX Strobe  

54 Chauvet COLORado Solo 1

40 Chroma-Q Color Force 72"

12 Chroma-Q Color Force 12"

24 ARRI SkyPanel S60-C

24 Mega Lite Indi Par

3 Grand MA2 Console

17 Clay Paky Sharpy

3 Clay Paky Wash

4 Hazer Radiance Touring

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