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Cour Design Uses 4Wall Nashville Gear for Misterwives' 2017 Tour

By Drew Quinones
Apr 19, 2017, updated Oct 17, 2018
 Cour Design Uses 4Wall Nashville Gear for Misterwives' 2017 Tour

Nashville, TN-  The New York City- based indi-pop band, Misterwives, hit the road for an arena tour as the main support for Panic! at the Disco. The six-piece band is known for its colorful and vibrant performances and has been gaining popularity for several years. Cour Design was tasked with creating the lighting design for the tour and turned to 4Wall Nashville for the gear.

The Misterwives' team approached Cour Design in November of last year for a lighting design that would be flexible for the variety of shows the band has planned in 2017 as well as work with all the restrictions of an opening act.

"We knew the band was putting out a record called Connect the Dots in May of 2017, so that was the theme we ran with in choosing the lighting elements and custom fabrication pieces," said Lighting Designer and Cour Design Co-Founder Erik Anderson. "The result was a rig that let the band own the stage while performing and was still able to be rolled off the stage in under 10 minutes."

The rig was built around four lighting carts that helped create a mixed backdrop of set pieces and lighting elements.

"We custom outfitted strips of LED neon that ran along the floor and are used to connect the four downstage ego risers with the three round risers across the back," explained Anderson.

4Wall Nashville provided Ayrton MagicDots that lived at the top of the set carts that were raised 10' in the air when full deployed.

"These were the obvious choice for a design theme of "connect the dots" and they work best when you have enough of them to play off one another," said Anderson.

The LD utilized Chauvet Nexus 4x4 Panels to provide vibrant pixel-mapping eye candy throughout the entire show.

Martin MAC Viper Profiles were also a key part of the lighting design.

"The Viper Profile is our favorite profile fixture out there right now," said Anderson. "It really comes in handy in an arena when you need enough juice to hit the nosebleeds from the stage."

Chroma-Q Color Force II 12" LED battens were used to uplight the custom polyhedral ego risers.

The LD spoke highly of 4Wall's involvement in helping Cour Design create a successful lighting design for Misterwives' 2017 tour season.

"As always, 4Wall was very helpful from the initial conception of this project. Dealing with vendors and helping the artist's team with how the design fits into their budget is an important part of the process to us. 4Wall provided great service and helped us get the most out of this design."

To see more work from Cour Design, visit their website here.

For upcoming tour dates, visit Misterwives' website here.

Photos by: Anna Lee Media

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