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4Wall Teams with LD Daniel Connell to Light the Way at Seeds Conference

By on May 8, 2014
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Tulsa, OK- Church on the Move (COTM) of Tulsa and Lighting Designer Daniel Connell recently turned to 4Wall Nashville to provide lighting equipment for the 2014 Seeds Conference.

A three day conference held on the main COTM campus in Tulsa, Seeds brings together over 2,500 pastors, musicians, and others in creative positions within the church.

Recently remodeled, the COTM main auditorium is an updated performance space that now rivals many concert venues.  Connell spoke of the venue and its transformation that took place a few years ago:

"We redesigned the entire stage and backstage layout to accommodate our needs.  We also added over 800A of show power.  Not having the restraints of a traditional church installation and developing relationships with companies like 4Wall has allowed us to be incredibly flexible in our designs."

For this year's incarnation of Seeds, flexibility was again on Connell's mind.  With the conference lasting three days, the designer sought to put together a rig that could give a variety of unique looks over the duration of the conference. 

His inspiration?  None other than Roy Bennett's design for Nine Inch Nails "Tension" tour. 

"We were really impressed with the number of looks he was able to create out of one rig.  By using a pod design similar to what Mr. Bennett did on the Nine Inch Nails tour, we were able to have a very different looking rig for each day of the conference."

When it came to choosing a staple fixture, Connell sought out something that was lightweight, bright, and possessed a great color range.  He settled on Martin MAC Auras.

"The dual LED feature of the Auras provided a lot of options that I wouldn't have been able to get with traditional LED fixtures," said Connell.  "All 108 Auras made it through the conference and an additional 12 weeks of weekend services without a single maintenance issue.  This not only says a lot about the quality of Martin fixtures, but also about 4Wall's commitment to maintaining their rental inventory."

As anyone who attended or saw video of the event can attest, the lighting can only be described as inspired.

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