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4Wall Nashville Lights 2017 Chase Rice Tour

By Drew Quinones
Aug 15, 2017, updated Oct 17, 2018
 4Wall Nashville Lights 2017 Chase Rice Tour

Nashville, TN- Chase Rice hit the road this year playing his well-known crowd-pleasing hits along with new songs from his soon to be released album, Lambs & Lions. 4Wall Nashville has a long-standing relationship with Chase Rice and his team and was thrilled to light another tour for the country music star.

Planning for the tour commenced in August of 2016. Lighting Designer Chris Lisle rendered a few visual concepts that were presented to Chase, and refined them based on his initial reaction. Chris worked tirelessly to bring about a design that would feel not only personal for the audience, but would connect with Chase's vision.

"Chase's music is high energy and we wanted a design that would give some awesome visual impact to accent what he is doing musically and performance wise," explained Lisle.

Production Manager and Lighting Director Adam Groeninger worked with Lisle to provide a substantial production rig that looked massive in any size venue.

"When approaching the design for the rig, I focus on obtaining the most impact while being able to adjust whatever rig we are carrying for the realities of the day," explained Groeninger. "In regards to lighting, this involves evaluating fixtures not only for their aesthetic potential, but also for practicalities like power draw and ease of use."

The design process continued organically over the next few months until the design became what it currently is.  The physical fabrication occurred over the course of the first three months of 2017.

The team then refined their lighting design utilizing 4Wall Nashville's all-new 29,000 sq. ft. rehearsal space.

"We did our yearly production rehearsals in the space soon after it opened in March of 2017," said Groeninger. "The facilities provided by 4Wall were all top notch, and assured that we began the year on the best possible footing."

The rig consisted of a series of stage carts that when completely deployed occupy a footprint of 42' wide by 16' deep. Five video carts deploy a ground stack video wall that is 18' tall at its highest, but when collapsed can still fit through a standard single door. These carts also provided a place to hang Chroma-Q Color Force II LED battens vertically.

"The Color Force II lights are the backbone that sets the tone for all of our various looks," explained Groeninger. "It's both a wash fixture and a sub-video element that adds a sense of movement to the overall design. In addition, because the fixture has a fantastic dimmer curve, strobe, and color mixing, we can pair these large stage washes with seamless hits and movements."

4Wall also provided Robe Robin Pointes which were primarily used as a beam fixture, but with some programming input from Mike Marcario, the design team could utilize the Pointe to its full potential.

"We were able to utilize the Pointes to accent hits in the music and provide texture creating more theatrical stage pictures," said Lisle. "Mike worked alongside Adam and I for a week and totally knocked it out of the park."

After a successful rehearsal and tour, Groeninger praised 4Wall Nashville for their efforts in providing quality equipment for the 2017 tour.

"The service from 4Wall is always top-notch. 4Wall adjusted with us as the visual concept for the design evolved which allowed us to incorporate the fullest potential of Chris's vision."

For upcoming Chase Rice tour dates, visit his website here.


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