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4Wall Lights Fortune Global Forum in San Francisco

By on Jan 10, 2016
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San Francisco, CA- For two decades Fortune has been organizing the Global Forum. Fortune 500 CEOs, innovators, builders, and technologists from some of the world's most dynamic emerging companies are brought together to facilitate relationship building at the highest level. This year attendees arrived in San Francisco at the Legion of Honor Museum on November 2, 2015 to attend the Forum. 

Tasked with lighting such a prestigious event, Lighting Designers Andy Henry and Matt Webb of UVLD turned to 4Wall for the equipment needed. The goal for the design was to convey an atmosphere of excitement, anticipation, elegance, and sophistication in step with the venue's stature.                                 

Henry explains his approach to the design, "We looked at the design as three elements: first, the arrival experience which included the walkway up to the venue, second, the walk from the venue entrance to a pre-function area, and finally, the dinner and entertainment itself which was located  in the open courtyard within columned walls under a clear walled and ceilinged tent."  

"Working within the venue certainly wasn't without its distinct challenges," said Henry.  Being a government owned building, along with its landmarked historic status, the Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum had to remain open to the public during load-in and rehearsals. In addition, the event was essentially outdoors, which meant cueing and rehearsals had to take place at night after closing hours.

"Another test of resolve was on the night before the event, the first and only dress rehearsal, and there was a torrential rainfall. Although it doesn't rain much in California, UVLD Production Electrician Sal Restuccia anticipated this event and budgeted accordingly upfront.  Thanks to Sal and his Local 16 crew, as well as 4Wall coordinating the ebb and flow of trucks, everything was taken in stride," explained Henry.

As for instrumentation, the designer decided to go with the Clay Paky Mythos fixtures as the main beam light, both inside and out. "They certainly have the punch and in their wide zoom mode, were perfect at low trim points within the tent for  texture," said Henry.

To light the 500ft of interior walls Color Force 72" and 48" LED strips were used. The Color Force 12's were used to up light the columns. For the entertainment, Martin MAC Viper DX's were used as front light at the high point of the tent and Martin MAC Auras were spaced along a pipe at the low pitch of the tent as back light.

Chauvet Rouge R1 Wash units lit the tent interior and individual tables. "These fixtures were a pleasant surprise. I originally specified Mac 101's for the task and was introduced to the R1 Wash by Bob Gaynor, of 4Wall Las Vegas, who offered these as a replacement. They have the added feature of being able to zoom in essentially the same sized package with higher output. They're now my favorite fixture in that range of units," said Henry.

MAC Viper Performance and Mythos units were used to highlight performers and sculptures within the audience. A ring of Ayrton Magic Blade-R fixtures were placed over a small circular stage that would spin and rise for dramatic cello performances by Tina Guo, an international cellist.  

The performance numbers consisted of an 80' wide stage of drummers and percussionists from around the world led by Peter Erskine, an American jazz drummer and composer. The show was controlled by a pair of grandMA2's operated by Matt Webb.

"Inside the museum, we were limited to Chroma-Q Color Charge battery fixtures as wall washes. They contained wireless DMX control so we were able to remotely change color and intensity from our main console when the performance started," explained Henry.

Henry and Webb were not only impressed with the equipment 4Wall provided, but also the quality of service.

"4Wall, and particularly Bob Gaynor, did an outstanding job as usual rolling with anything that comes along. There were myriad redraws, tent size changes, schedule and equipment alterations between the two venues. No matter what the request, 4Wall responded quickly and never flinched. Over twenty-plus years working with 4Wall, I've always regarded our association as a partnership on each project - not simply as a client-vendor transaction. They take a vested interest in making sure your project is a success."

For more information on UVLD, visit www.uvld.com

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