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4Wall Provides Equipment and Services to High Scream for FISHER’s Weekend at the Cow Palace

By Drew Quinones
one week ago
 4Wall Provides Equipment and Services to High Scream for FISHER’s Weekend at the Cow Palace

San Francisco, CA - 4Wall Entertainment recently supplied extensive lighting, rigging, & video equipment, and comprehensive technical support to help design firm High Scream fully orchestrate FISHER's mesmerizing two-night spectacle at the Cow Palace in the Bay Area. High Scream, led by Founder and Show Producer Romain Pissenem, aimed to create a visually striking show featuring iconic shapes and dynamic lighting effects, ensuring that attendees would have a truly memorable experience.

High Scream is a London-based creative production studio renowned for its electrifying live performances and cutting-edge entertainment environments. Collaborating with an array of high-profile artists, venues, and developers worldwide, High Scream crafts innovative and technically sophisticated solutions in show production. FISHER's set was no exception, captivating attendees with its unparalleled visual spectacle and immersive experience that pushed the boundaries of live performance art.

"We've collaborated with FISHER for many years, and for this production, we aimed not only to create a cool and fun atmosphere but also to deliver a show with spectacular effects," said Pissenem. "A prime example was the moment when the two lights beamed through the video wall through FISHER's eyes. In order to create moments like that, we needed an iconic shape, something that's going to be our frame to paint these visuals we designed."

4Wall provided over 200 ROE Vanish V8T LED video panels, a semi-transparent LED product, to form two square video walls on either side of the DJ, framing him perfectly in the center. To deliver content to the screens, 4Wall provided 2 disguise gx 2c media servers with Notch playback licenses to support High Scream's real-time content workflow.

Each square video wall was accentuated by a 10x10 grid of Robe MegaPointe fixtures, positioned directly behind the panels for dramatic lighting effects. Additionally, the central alignment behind and above the DJ was enhanced with more than 140 CHAUVET COLORado PXL Bar 16 fixtures, creating a visually compelling backdrop.

Two truss sticks outfitted with CHAUVET Color Strike M and Clay Paky Scenius Profile fixtures framed each video wall. These were effectively used for side lighting, illuminating the audience, and adding depth to the overall design.

The fusion of lighting and video content was a pivotal element in the show's design, setting the stage for a collaborative and innovative production process.

"The crucial aspect for the show's success was establishing a robust integration pipeline," said Production Manager Sam Thomas "Once we developed this framework for how various elements would synergize, it opened up a realm of possibilities for creativity, enabling the lighting, content, and video teams to collaborate effectively. This integrated system facilitated the creation of some truly stunning visual displays."

This collaborative environment was further enhanced by the support from 4Wall, whose expertise and resources played a key role in helping bring these innovative ideas to life.

"From the moment I first met Andy Isola, his dedication was unmistakable," said Pissenem. "It is crucial to collaborate with individuals who are as passionate about their work as the show's designers. Despite its growth and success, 4Wall has remained true to its founding principle, prioritizing the customer's needs. Whether addressing a requirement or implementing a change, every interaction was met with promptness, professionalism, and genuine enthusiasm by the 4Wall team."

Learn more about High Scream by visiting their website here.

Photos by Rafael Deprost

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