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4Wall Entertainment Hosts Moving Light Match-Up at USITT Seattle

By Drew Quinones
Apr 26, 2024, updated May 22, 2024
 4Wall Entertainment Hosts Moving Light Match-Up at USITT Seattle

Seattle, WA-  4Wall Entertainment successfully hosted the Moving Light Match-Up at the 2024 United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) Conference in Seattle last month. 

USITT is the leading association for performing arts and entertainment professionals. It provides education, networking opportunities, and resources to its members, which include designers, educators, and technicians. The annual conference is a hub for innovation and collaboration within the entertainment technology industry.

At this year's USITT conference, 4Wall Entertainment continued its tradition by curating the Moving Light Match-Up, aimed at exploring the capabilities of various lighting fixtures. Al Ridella, a seasoned expert in entertainment lighting and a key figure at 4Wall Entertainment, spearheaded the initiative. Ridella collaborated with nine leading lighting manufacturers (ACME, Ayrton, CHAUVET Professional, ACT, ADJ, Clay Paky, Elation, ETC, GLP, Mega Lite) to provide a diverse range of light fixtures for the match-up, with this year's theme being wash fixtures. 

The Moving Light Match-Up invited attendees to witness live demonstrations and compare the features and performance of the different movers. Three esteemed lighting designers, Dawn Chiang, William Kenyon, and Aaron Spivey, generously offered their expertise and provided live feedback to over 200 participants. Chiang is a renowned Lighting Designer, while Kenyon serves as the Head of Lighting Design at Penn State University, and Spivey excels in both Lighting and Projection Design. 

The designers conversed with the attendees and shared insights and expertise, guiding participants through exploring various moving fixtures and their capabilities. Attendees gained valuable knowledge on how to select the most suitable moving fixture to bring their artistic visions to life and how each fixture is different and unique in its own way. 

"We are thrilled to have hosted this event at USITT Seattle," said Al Ridella, Vice President of Business Development. "This event underscores our commitment to innovation and education within the entertainment lighting industry. We are grateful to the participating manufacturers and designers for their support and expertise." 

4Wall Entertainment remains dedicated to advancing the art and technology of entertainment lighting and looks forward to continuing its collaboration with industry partners and professionals.  

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