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4Wall Appoints Laura Wendt as General Manager of 4Wall Orlando/Miami Locations

By Drew Quinones
Mar 14, 2024, updated Apr 15, 2024
 4Wall Appoints Laura Wendt as General Manager of 4Wall Orlando/Miami Locations

Orlando, FL - 4Wall Entertainment, a provider of entertainment equipment rentals, sales, and production services, is excited to announce Laura Wendt as the new General Manager of the 4Wall Orlando and Miami locations. With a rich career spanning over two decades in the tradeshow and events industry, Wendt brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a fresh perspective to 4Wall.

Originally from Ohio, Wendt relocated to Florida post-college to join her brother in Orlando and escape the cold. Her career began in the accounting department of Trans Continental for Lou Pearlman before transitioning to manage their recording studio. Seeking a role that offered more direct client engagement, Wendt found her calling in the tradeshow industry. Her journey started at GES and eventually led her to a significant tenure at CEP as a Senior Account Manager, where she managed major accounts such as Sig Sauer and Pfizer.

Wendt's pursuit of new challenges and professional growth led her to Czarnowski, where she ascended from International Account Manager to Operations Manager and ultimately to VP of Operations for the East Coast. In her roles, she was instrumental in overseeing all departments for the Florida facilities and spearheaded the company's sustainability initiatives.

Wendt's previous experience with 4Wall as a preferred vendor of Czarnowski, coupled with her desire for a change, culminated in her appointment as General Manager for their Orlando and Miami locations after a year-long interview process.

Her appreciation for 4Wall's distinct culture aligns with her values and was a key factor in her decision to join the company.

"Joining 4Wall is not just a career move for me," said Wendt. "It's a choice that aligns with my core values and aspirations. The company's culture, its commitment to employee success, and the passion everyone has for what they do resonate deeply with me. I am thrilled to embark on this journey with 4Wall and contribute to its legacy of excellence in the industry."

4Wall CEO Wes Bailey expressed his enthusiasm for Wendt's appointment, "Laura's diverse background, her leadership skills, and her vision for sustainable business practices are invaluable assets to our team. Her understanding of client needs and her approach to business align perfectly with 4Wall's mission."

Wendt's extensive background and her fresh approach are expected to enhance 4Wall's capabilities in delivering innovative solutions and maintaining exceptional customer service standards at the two 4Wall locations and beyond.

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