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Light Humor Episode 7: “The Tech Support Line” Now Available for Streaming

By Drew Quinones
Nov 6, 2023, updated Dec 13, 2023

4Wall Entertainment has released the all-new episode of the animated Light Humor series, "The Tech Support Line," now available for streaming on their Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram channels.

Episode 7: "The Tech Support Line"

The latest Light Humor episode is a homage to the heroes of tech support!  The relentless barrage of calls they receive throughout the day, each more outlandish than the last, that never seem to end. That's the digital symphony for our episode's protagonist, Jim, brought to life by Broadway's David Rossmer.

The stories in this episode are rooted in authentic experiences shared by seasoned professionals from the industry-those who have fielded these calls and others who have initiated them.

The episode is once again written by Cory Pattak, animated by Skylar Smith and produced by Jeff Croiter and Drew Quinones.

Written by: Cory Pattak
Animated by: Skylar Smith
Executive Producers: Jeff Croiter, Drew Quinones, & Cory Pattak
Cast: David Rossmer (Jim), Al Crawford (Console Drop), Colleen Doherty (Floppy Disk), Victor Seastone (Network Password), Hector Martinez (Plumber 1, 2, 3), Natali Arco (Prebuilt Cues), Nick Van Houten (Roller Coaster), Darby Puckett (Glitter Fixtures), Howard Hudson (Old Console), Billy Finn (Lighting Sucks), Alan Edwards (Software Version), Aja Jackson (Crazy Syntax), & Pat Johnston (Portland)

Special Thanks: Larry Thomas, John Dunn, Ellen Lampert-Greaux & Larry Mikalishen

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Lighting Humor is an animated series presented by 4Wall Entertainment that takes a humorous look inside the world of lighting design and aims to bring some brightness into your day. From an overly-confident talking lighting console to how a theater's Ghost Light has been dealing with the pandemic to the depiction of the often bizarre and chaotic days spent at work.

To catch up on past episodes of Light Humor, click the following link https://bit.ly/Light-Humor-Playlist

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