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4Wall Provides Austin Brady Henderson with a Lighting, Rigging, & Video Rental Package for the 2023 DanceMakers Inc. Nationals

By Drew Quinones
Oct 16, 2023, updated Nov 28, 2023
 4Wall Provides Austin Brady Henderson with a Lighting, Rigging, & Video Rental Package for the 2023 DanceMakers Inc. Nationals

Myrtle Beach, SC- This summer, dance convention & competition company DanceMakers Inc. hosted their annual Nationals competition at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. The 6-day event, filled with dance classes, performances, competitions, and more, completely transformed the convention center into a lively hub for dance. PM Austin Brady Henderson utilized a lighting, rigging, and video rental package from 4Wall Entertainment to build a fantastic stage that is the centerpiece of the entire competition. 

The all-CHAUVET Professional rental featured a total of 444 CHAUVET F5IP LED video panels, 189 CHAUVET light fixtures, along with an impressive 664 feet of Tyler Box & GT Truss and 64 ChainMaster hoists.

4Wall Nashville hosted Henderson and his team for the 4-day prep.

"Prepping a show is one of the most important parts to ensure the show is fully functional," said Henderson. "The Nashville prep team crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's many times to establish a full level of confidence that DanceMakers was 100% ready for show." 

After the prep, the trucks headed to South Carolina for the 4-day load-in. 

"Load-in can be stressful at times no matter the level of the show," explained Henderson. "Having a team that is fully prepared, informed, and confident in their work provides peace of mind like no other. The 4Wall crew on site was efficient, professional and the most fun to work alongside of! They helped make our event a great success." 

This was the 4th consecutive year 4Wall provided the gear to Henderson for this event, and it has grown substantially. The PM spoke about his relationship with 4Wall and how the event has grown over the years.

"4Wall understands the mission and vision of DanceMakers. Having a company that believes in the product we provide helps our event reach new heights each year. The creative collaboration between DanceMakers and 4Wall has produced new, exciting, and immersive environments for the last four years. We are thrilled to continue pushing the creative limits with 4Wall for many years to come!" 

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