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4Wall Orange County Lights The Chainsmokers Show with Special Guests the Backstreet Boys

By Drew Quinones
Jan 18, 2017, updated Feb 9, 2017
 4Wall Orange County Lights The Chainsmokers Show with Special Guests the Backstreet Boys

Los Angeles, CA- The Chainsmokers headlined the second EDM show ever at the Los Angeles Convention Center late last month. The duo surprised the crowd by bringing out the Backstreet Boys for a special performance. This was The Chainsmokers biggest solo show to date, lit by 4Wall Orange County.

4Wall OC was tasked with turning the electronic duo's creative vision into a reality in a venue that does not have a lot of rigging capabilities.

"The Chainsmokers wanted a massive upstage video wall," explained 4Wall's Director of Live Events Todd Roberts," "In order to support this, we had to create a ground support rig which allowed us to rig all the video off of."

The final design came together within 2 weeks of the show, so the time frame from design to final was extremely tight. "All departments put in overtime to make this show come off perfectly," said Roberts.

4Wall OC's fabrication department was put to the test on the DJ booth design. They knew it needed to be strong because the artists have a tendency for jumping on top of the booth.

"We had no idea 5 Backstreet Boys would be jumping on top and do a whole dance routine on top of it," said Roberts. "The booth performed flawlessly."

In the end 4Wall OC created a rig that provided an amazing look for the sold out show. "It was a pleasure working with Insomniac and Production Club once again," said Roberts. "I look forward to lighting more events for them in 2017."

Selected Gear List

(212) Elation EPAR TRI

(85)  TMB Solaris Flare

(28) Martin MAC Quantum Wash

(31) Ayrton MagicPanel-R

(192) Ayrton MagicDot-R

(86) Clay Paky Sharpy

(16) VariLite VL4000 BeamWash

(64) GLP impression X4 Bar 20

(174) Lite Mole Fays

(2) MA Lighting grandMA2 Full

(1) 40' x 20" Circle Truss

(2) 30' x 20" Circle Truss

(6) 20' x 20" Circle Truss

(4) 24' x 20" Circle Truss

(12) 10' Hudd Truss

(1) 140' Wide x 35' High Ground Support System

(8)8 ½ Ton Motors

(1) 140' Wide by 40' Deep Stage

(1) 40' Circular Stage

(1) 16' Custom Fabricated Stage

(480) 7mm Absen C7 LED Tiles

(14) 3.9 Roe Visual Black Onyx

Lighting Director (Production Club) Miguel Risueno

Lighting Designer (Chainsmokers) Arron Kovelman

Lighting Programmer (Production Club) Davey Martinez

Production Manager (Chainsmokers) Clancy Silver

Production Manager (Production Club) Matt Mojo, Corey Johnson

Production Manager (Insomniac) Billy Smith

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