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LD Pedron Hits the Road for Tegan and Sara Tour Lit by 4Wall Nashville

By Drew Quinones
Nov 21, 2016, updated Jan 18, 2017
 LD Pedron Hits the Road for Tegan and Sara Tour Lit by 4Wall Nashville

Nashville, TN-  Lighting Designer Emmanuelle "Gigi" Pedron hit the road with a crew of 8 other women for Tegan and Sara's Love You to Death tour this fall. The Grammy nominated twin sisters are touring in support of their latest album of the same name. 4Wall Nashville worked with Pedron to provide the LD with the gear she needed for the tour.

Working with production crews usually consisting of all males, Pedron was excited to be a part of a unique, all female crew experience. "This tour is the exact opposite of what I'm used to," explained Pedron. "It's definitely a more chill vibe and the job is done without drama. Not to mention the bus smells fantastic."

The LD has created lighting designs for top names in the industry like Jack White, At the Drive-In, Ryan Adams, and now Tegan and Sara for the 4th consecutive year. She was not only given full control over the tour's rig design, but even had some input into the clothing the twins were wearing on stage. "I know their music and attitude very well," said Pedron. "I was very happy that they decided to give me full creative control."

The rig design is based on two major elements: a matrix of Ayrton MagicDot-R fixtures in the back and a matrix of Chauvet Nexus 4x4 panels on the floor. "I created a stage under the band using plexiglass risers with the Nexus panels under it," explained the LD. "It looks like a dance floor from an 80's disco—and the MagicDots are on pipes at the back of the stage."

Pedron's rig design was very easy to rescale. This allowed them to play in large theatres as well as small clubs while still being able to maintain the look and feel of the show.

The 36 MagicDots 4Wall Nashville provided created a curtain of light for Pedron's design and were key to enhancing the concertgoer's experience. "These fixtures are very versatile, fast, reliable, and French," exclaimed Pedron.

The Chauvet Nexus 4x4 panels, used to create the dance floor, presented the girls with a dance friendly environment the LD wanted to convey.  

Pedron spoke highly of the service she received from 4Wall.

"I love 4Wall for many reasons. They understand me and my vision. Jennifer Moore is an absolute delight to work with and Cathie Berbena Lloyd is unbelievable. Her knowledge of tour lighting is incredible."

She continued, "Finally, I would like to thank my crew chief Chelsea Opdyke, who is my everything. She's my second brain, and I couldn't have done this without her."

Cathie Berbena Lloyd, General Manager of 4Wall Nashville, spoke on being a part of this unique touring experience, "It has been an absolute honor to be a part of this tour from start to finish. We so look forward to this trend continuing with our future tours."

Photos by: Shane Timm

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