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Webb AV & UVLD Choose 4Wall for Extravagant Domopalooza 2016

By Drew Quinones
May 30, 2016, updated Aug 27, 2019
 Webb AV & UVLD Choose 4Wall for Extravagant Domopalooza 2016

Salt Lake City, UT- Domo is a computer software company that specializes in business intelligence and data visualization. Their annual premier business management conference, suitably named Domopalooza, was held on March 21-25, 2016 at The Grand America in Salt Lake City. With keynote speakers like Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Josh James, and Steve Eisman, along with entertainment provided by Nelly and T.I., plus the company's biggest announcement yet, Domopalooza 2016 was meant to be the first conference of its kind.

Having done a splendid job for Domopalooza 2015, Webb AV was once again called upon to bring life to the event using gear from 4Wall Las Vegas. One of the people tasked with making Domo CEO Josh James' vision a reality was Webb AV Senior Producer, Nick Odencrantz.

"They are a fun client to work with because creatively they like to go against the grain a bit and put together an event that is not considered 'typical' for a tech conference," he explained. "Our client was happy with our work in those avenues in the past, and they gave us the opportunity to produce on a grander scale for this year."

Another key factor in making James' 'Cirque Du Soleil meets Tech' vision a reality was design firm UVLD.  Webb AV invited UVLD's David Rees and Jason Mack to create the lighting design for the general session. David Rees was the Lead Lighting Designer for the events held in the Grand Ballroom while Jason Mack took the late shift, lighting the headliner events.  

In addition to the conference, Domo was making their biggest reveal in the history of the company, announcing the launch of their new business analytics platform the The Business Cloud. Given the magnitude of this monumental moment, the announcement had to mirror the significance of this launch. That involved break dancers, ballet dancers, the University of North Carolina's Marching Band, a balloon drop, confetti, and several other components.

"The rest of the show continued to exceed expectations for the attendees and that moment in particular made it pretty clear that this was not your typical tech conference by any stretch," explained Odencrantz.

Odencrantz and Rees did run into some challenges with the venue and the hectic schedule of each event at the conference. "The Ballroom has massive chandeliers that complicated rigging, projection and lighting. We also had a time crunch in addition to the stage going from 20' deep for General Session to 40' deep for parties, to that end we needed a very flexible lighting rig with all intelligent lighting," said Odencrantz.

"We utilized the low profile nature of the Ayrton Magic Blades as effects fixtures on the back truss accompanied with the Chroma-Q Color Force 12 as back light," explained Rees. "In addition, we utilized LED fixtures like the Mac Auras and more Color Force 12s as house lights. This allowed us to leave the venue house lights, which would have highlighted the room's architecture, off."

The team utilized the Ayrton Magic Dot in many different ways given the variety of events scheduled for the conference. "The general session was in their main ballroom, and we had to execute a pretty massive changeover for the nightly parties," said Odencrantz. "We were given a few hours to go from General Session to a massive party with 2 national acts two days in a row."

Bob Gaynor, Senior VP of Business Development at 4Wall Las Vegas, spoke of 4Wall's involvement in the highly successful event.

"We were thrilled to take part in the success of Domopalooza 2016. We can't thank Webb AV and UVLD enough for relying on 4Wall Las Vegas to supply their lighting gear."

Selected Gear List, Domopalooza 2016

66 Chroma-Q Color Force 12"

44 Color Kinetics ColorBlast TRX

55 Martin MAC Aura

14 Martin MAC Quantum Profile LED

  7 Martin MAC Viper Performance

16 Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extreme

16 Ayrton MagicBlade-R

25 Ayrton Magic Dot R


For more information on Webb AV, visit webbav.com


For more information on UVLD, visit uvld.com

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