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Visionary Light & Media Turns to 4Wall for LPL Focus Event

By 4Wall Staff
Aug 25, 2015, updated Nov 24, 2015
 Visionary Light & Media Turns to 4Wall for LPL Focus Event

Boston, MA- Visionary Light & Media (VLM), led by noted Lighting Designer Michael Creason, recently turned to 4Wall New York for the lighting gear needed for LPL Focus at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.  LPL Focus is a yearly sales and educational event for the financial industry created by LPL Financial and produced by Opts Ideas, a company specializing in the development, planning, and production of high-profile events and conferences; utilizing the best production values and state of the art technology.

Over the past ten years the conference has more than doubled in size, creating a dynamic event with more than 7,000 attendees, hundreds of sessions, and impressive keynotes featuring IMAG screen support.  Opts Ideas has chosen VLM as the lighting provider for the event since 2007, with the knowledge that flawlessly executed and cutting edge lighting greatly enhances the attendee experience.

Creason and his team knew that this year's event would require especially bright, even lighting.

The main conference rig itself would need to leave clear sight lines from the furthest seats in the house unimpeded, while also achieving shadow-free stage lighting in a 270 degree room.  The VLM team eventually decided on a minimal fixture combination to maintain consistency from all vantage points. 

Creason's lighting package from 4Wall New York was versatile and ready-made to meet his needs, with Martin MAC Auras, Martin MAC Vipers, and a huge complement of ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals and Pars.  The Auras were an especially important piece for Creason.

"MAC Auras are this lighting designer's dream come true," he said.  "Seamlessly going from an audience wash to eye-candy with the same fixture is awesome!"

Creason's Associate Designer Seth Rapaport used that functionality to its fullest, creating colored audience washes and effects during play-ons and offs, then cleanly transitioning to a complimentary scenic look to keep the presented visuals interesting.

"When we would settle down the look, we could utilize the Aura lens to add the visual experience without distracting or annoying attendees.  I don’t know of another LED wash fixture with its size, weight, and abilities that can fill in and around video screens, scenery, and PA as effectively as the Aura can,' said Creason.

While the Auras were the perfect fixture for Creason's design, 4Wall turned out to be the perfect equipment provider for VLM.  Creason spoke of the lighting provider’s involvement.

"4Wall exceeded everyone’s expectations.  Master Electrician Brian Wendt was thrilled with the efficiency of the shop in New Jersey.  Everything was ready for him, and in perfect order.  Once on-site, I anticipated that focusing 455 fixed lights would include some speed bumps.  I was pleasantly surprised with what great shape the fixtures were in and how quick it was to focus.  Every light exceeded my expectations in terms of brightness and color temperature.  In the future VLM will be turning to 4Wall again for the outstanding quality, value, and support."

The production team working on LPL focus in addition to Creason, Rapaport, and Wendt included Asst. LD / Board Op Theresa Judge, Technical Producer Gabriel Sonnino, and Technical Director Paul Begovich.  For more information on VML, visit their official site

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