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4Wall Systems Creates Custom Light Columns for Phoenix Civic Space Park

By 4Wall Staff
Apr 21, 2009, updated Feb 7, 2017
 4Wall Systems Creates Custom Light Columns for Phoenix Civic Space Park

Phoenix, AZ- The newly opened Civic Space Park in Phoenix is the home of a unique set of LED light columns created by the 4Wall Systems team. In a space that includes a multimillion dollar outdoor sculpture by artist Janet Echelman, the interactive pillars of light manage to stand out from the rest of the backdrop.

The concept for the columns stemmed from Phoenix architectural firm EDAW, who passed the idea to the 4Wall team of Buddy Pope, Shaun Ballew, and James Leblanc to design.  The finished product, fabricated at 4Wall in Las Vegas, includes over 4,000 LED nodes covering continuously extruded custom made tubes by Evonik Industries.

The fourteen columns, which range from 10' to 16' in height, are fully controllable and include over 500 cues that allow a different show to be seen in the park each day of the week.  There are also nine unique shows for various holidays. 

Pope, along with Brent Pritchett and Lowell Olcott, followed the columns to Phoenix to complete programming and control on site.  To provide control for the imagery they used a Color Kinetics Video System Manager, along with a Martin Maxedia media server for video content.

The result is a lighting experience that will be enjoyed by those in the Phoenix area for years to come. 

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