Virtual Event Pro is a high-end virtual event platform, customizable to provide the functionality and company branding your event requires, all with the production quality and support you’ve come to expect from 4Wall.

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Virtual & Hybrid Productions

Virtual Event Pro was built to support 100% virtual, high-end productions - from the production team & presenters to the audience participating in the event. We’ve done that by building a robust production toolset within the Cloud so each member of the production team can safely run the show from the comfort of their virtual office or studio. Each presenter can remotely connect from their home, at one of our Virtual Studios, or on-location.

The platform can also be utilized for hybrid events that require both physical and virtual elements by seamlessly combining physical and virtual technology.

Production Tools

We’ve built a robust virtual production toolset with features you would expect at a physical event. These tools were carefully crafted to support small to massive productions - from 1 presenter to hundreds. Tools include: switching, graphic support, video playback, multi-language sub-titles, recording, up to 8K video, connecting multiple streams, mix-minus, full audio support and many more features.

“That was the closest I’ve felt to being in a broadcast truck since the shutdown” - Clay Carter, TD
(From a virtual gala held through Virtual Event Pro)

Presenter Tools

Each presenter can interact with the production team and other presenters through a virtual green room and comms system. Presenters get rehearsal time to connect with production, get familiar with their tools and set their own unique return feed. That feed can include a timer, prompter, view of other presenters, their PPT and/or a view of the live production. We take the time to ensure each presenter is comfortable and familiar with their presenter tools

Your Live Event

We know each event is unique, so we’ve built a platform that can be tailored and adapted to your specific event. The platform offers a range of technical solutions such as pre-recorded videos, a full-scale live virtual production, or anything in between. We can seamlessly handle multiple live streams with dozens of presenters connected to the stream and each other.

Each event can be active for as short or long as you need and can support over a million attendees.


Each event on the platform can be customized to look and feel like your brand. We have budget-friendly options such as changing logos, menu names, background images, colors, registration forms & the main lobby or you can completely ‘white-label’ the event, implement an immersive, interactive 3D environment, integrate with your CRM, change the entire look and feel of the platform - or anything in between.

Key Features

Virtual Event Pro has a suite of features that can be turned on or off based on your event needs and goals. Each feature was added to help keep your audience engaged with your event, encourage participation between attendees and to provide a seamless experience. We’ve also added features that help you monetize your event, such as ticketing, sponsorship areas and exhibitor pages.

UHD Streaming

Stream at up to 8K resolution with redundancies built in so each attendee will watch the stream at a resolution their internet can handle.

Cloud Based

Virtual Event Pro is completely cloud based which allows for events of any size - from hundreds of attendees to millions.

Safe and Secure

Wildcard SSL, event password protection, data encryption, and payment info is stored off the platform via our payment processing gateway.


If your event requires a ticket to attend, Virtual Event Pro can handle that for you with our built-in, custom solution that can also be used for donations.

Interactive Lounge

Watch a video while chatting with your friends! Create groups, chat via text, audio, or video, use emojis & gifs, upload files, join public chats & more.


Easily find other attendees, view their profile info, and connect with them in the Lounge via text, audio or video chat.

Real-Time Analytics

Access key metrics in real-time throughout your event such as video views, GEO map, attendee behavior, content interaction and much more.

Real-Time Polling

Engage attendees with polls throughout your event. Create polls, post them to a room, and see results in real-time in the room and in a live broadcast.

Moderated Q&A

Attendees can interact with presenters by submitting questions to be answered during a live event. Questions are moderated.

Monetize Events

Monetize your event by utilizing our multiple sponsorship areas, ticketing solution, selling ads within a broadcast & the exhibitor area.

Exhibitor Area

For exhibitions, we’ve created interactive exhibitor rooms that feature scheduling, text/video chat, a company bio, photos, videos, team info & more.


Each attendee can personalize the event by creating a custom agenda, exporting any agenda item to their calendar, setting their time zone, and more.

Production Equipment

Whether you want to pre-record your content at home or film in a bespoke immersive studio space, we can support you with our wide range of broadcast-ready audio, video & lighting equipment in addition to our many years of knowledge and expertise.

  • Presenter Kits - All-encompassing kits that fit your budget
  • Lighting - Studio-quality to easy-to-use LED setups
  • Camera Packages - Broadcast quality to HD web-cams
  • Video Backdrops - From greenscreens to HD LED walls
  • Audio - Broadcast quality microphones to simple lapel mics
  • Virtual Studios - xR Stages to studios built for live streaming

Virtual Studios

4Wall has multiple xR stages & virtual studios that can be utilized for all types of virtual & hybrid events with or without Virtual Event Pro. Each stage & studio utilizes state of the art technology including HD video panels, broadcast cameras, LED lighting and audio – all with the service, attention to detail and quality you have come to expect from 4Wall.

Virtual Conferences

Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual Festivals

Virtual Awards

Virtual Product Launches

Hybrid Events


Pricing will depend on a few different factors such as how many hours of live streaming, how many live streams (1 day, multiple days, etc.), how many people access your event, if you need presenter kits (mic, camera, lighting, etc.), your customization needs, if video chat will be available for attendees and your equipment needs. Tell us about your event and we will send you a quote for your event!

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Included Features:

  • 4Wall Support Rep to help with uploading content, customizing the event, etc.
  • Basic customization: event logo, background images, text & icon colors, main lobby graphic, menu names, agenda images, resource page icons, unique sub-domain, help desk section
  • Resource area for content that is viewable or downloadable within the platform
  • Comments section on all rooms with client provided moderation (can be turned on or off per room)
  • Lounge with text chat, emojis, gifs & uploads (one to one & group chat)
  • Lounge area topic discussions
  • Q&A for live presentations with client provided moderation
  • Captured data from ‘registration form’ that can be exported
  • Polling for each active room
  • Password Protection (if required)
  • Rehearsal time when using live presentations

Case Studies

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