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4Wall Receives the Outstanding Leprecon Award

Created Dec 17, 2015, updated Mar 6, 2017 in General
 4Wall Receives the Outstanding Leprecon Award

For over a decade, Leprecon has provided lighting control, dimming, and interfacing solutions for the performance industry. Leprecon has always existed to bring enjoyment to peoples' lives through the application of technology to entertainment lighting.

 4Wall has been a Leprecon customer since 4Wall first opened its doors in 1999. Some of the items that 4Wall purchases from Leprecon are ULD 360 Dimmers, LP 624 DMX consoles, custom 208/12v Power Distribution racks, and more.  

During LDI 2015 in Las Vegas, Leprecon presented an engraved plaque to 4Wall Entertainment as one of their 'Outstanding Dealers' for 2014-2015. Julie Sanders, Sales Manager for Leprecon commented, "4Wall Entertainment exemplifies all of the qualities we look for in an 'outstanding dealer' and it was an easy decision for us." 

Sanders also stated, "Leprecon appreciates the dealers that give us consistent support, and have knowledge of the full Leprecon product line. The staff and management at 4Wall are committed to supporting their customers, and their high standard of professionalism makes working with them a pleasure."

Working together for over a decade always takes a team effort; 4Wall is appreciative of Leprecon as they are of us! Thanks to Julie Sanders and the team at Leprecon for presenting us with this award. 


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