Chromlech Jarag-5 / PAR30

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The Jarag-5 has over 1800W of power with 25 independent lamps, giving users the ability to control each lamp. Integrated numerical control allows a precise proportioning for each lamp, in light intensity and transitional speed. A fully integrated electronic card inside the device enables instantaneous implementation. No additional dimmer is needed, only one direct power supply and DMX line are sufficient.

Only located at 4Wall Orange County.

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  • Power Supply: Integrated dimmers, 200-230V / 50-60Hz / 8A / 1875W
  • Lamps: 25 lamps 230V, 75W, Hi-spot 95 type, 10°, 2900K
  • Frame: Aluminium frame, Black epoxy finish
  • Dimensions: 576 x 576 x 270 mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 8,6 Kg (without lamps) - 13,1 Kg (with lamps) - Yoke: 4,3 Kg
  • Rigging: With adjustable yoke and/or frame’s rigging point.
  • Assembly: JARAGs can be juxtaposed and assembled together while preserving a constant lamp’s grid spacing
  • Connectors: Powercon 20A, DMX in (XLR5), DMX out (XLR5), liaison RS232-C (SUBD9)
  • Control: DMX : 6, 25, or 6+25 channels. The integrated sequencer is controlled through 6 DMX channels (intensity, speed, effects/fade, rotation/symmetry, sequence selection), and manages up to 256 sequences of 32 steps. 128 sequences are factory programmed, 128 others sequences are available for user.