High End Systems Full Boar 4

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The Full Boar 4 has all the power of the Hog 4 in a more compact package.  Like it’s predecessor it allows for total expansion enabling you to create, manage, edit and playback all types of shows. The Full Boar 4 comes packed with the latest hardware features - 10 point multi touch, motorized faders, solid state HDD to name a few.

4Wall Entertainment Lighting is a rental company with locations nationwide. Since 1999 we’ve been providing quality stage and theatrical lighting equipment from the industry’s top manufacturers. Request a rental quote for this item now and receive a response within one business day!

  • Robust Hog 4 software
  • Two 15,6œ wide screen Multi touch screens
  • Two additional monitors or touch screens possible
  • Five parameter encoders
  • Twelve LCD user keys
  • Tri axis trackball
  • Ten motorized faders
  • One motorized separate Grandmaster
  • Four integrated DMX outputs (12 outputs over DMX and Art-Net possible)
  • More DMX or Art-Net Outputs via DP 8000 DMX Processors
  • Hog-Net Ethernet connector
  • Fixture-Net Ethernet connector
  • Solid state hard drive
  • Integrated CD/DVD Laufwerk
  • SMPTE/Midi ports